3M  1317 25MM  Tape, Magnet, Sealing, Rubber, 25 mm, 1 ", 30.5 m, 100 ft

3M 1317 25MM
3M 3M
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1317 25MM
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1317 Series
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Преглед на продукта

The 1317 TAPE 25MM is a Magnet Tape made of flexible polymer bonded product coated on one side with the pressure sensitive adhesive. The magnetic material is made using a special process that orients barium ferrite crystals in the polymer binder during manufacture. This orientation process yields a magnet with excellent magnetic properties. It can be bent, twisted and flexed without loss of magnetic energy. The product conforms readily to irregular surfaces without cracking. It will not lose its magnetic strength when dropped or struck. It has a high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on one side, protected by a peel-away backing. The adhesive will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces including most plastics, wood and metal. The non-adhesive side may be used to hold small ferrous objects such as screw drivers and other tools. The product also saves time by holding small parts during assembly.
  • Versatile holding material, which can be used effectively on both metal and non-metal surfaces
  • Temperature resistance
  • Clean and safe handling
  • Weather and water resistance
  • Ozone resistance

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1317 Series
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United States

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