ANALOG DEVICES  AD8024ARZ  Operational Amplifier, Quad, 4 Amplifier, 350 MHz, 2400 V/µs, 5V to 24V, SOIC, 16 Pins

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Преглед на продукта

The AD8024ARZ is a low settling time high-speed quad Current Feedback Operational Amplifier for use with video line driver. Manufactured on ADI's proprietary XFHV high-speed bipolar process, the AD8024 is capable of driving to within 1.3 of its 24V supply rail. Each amplifier has high-output current capability and can drive high capacitive loads. The AD8024 outputs settle to 0.1% within 35ns into a 300pF load (6V swing). The AD8024 can run on both 5V as well as ±12V rails. Slew rate on ±12V supplies is 2400V/µs. DC characteristics are outstanding with typical 2mV offset and 3µA maximum input bias current. High-speed disable pin allows the AD8024 to be shut down when not in use. Low-power operation is assured with the 4mA/amplifier supply current draw. The high voltage drive capability, low settling time, high slew rate, low offset and high bandwidth make the AD8024 ideally suited as an LCD column driver, a video line driver and for use in high-performance test equipment.
  • High output voltage
  • Drives high capacitive loads
  • Low power
  • Outstanding DC accuracy
  • 0.04% Differential gain
  • 0.09° Differential phase
ESD sensitive device, electrostatic charges as high as 4000V readily accumulate on the human body and test equipment and can discharge without detection.

Информация за продукта

No. of Amplifiers:
4 Amplifier
Slew Rate:
Supply Voltage Range:
5V to 24V
Amplifier Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
Automotive Qualification Standard:
MSL 1 - Unlimited
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)

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  • Signal Processing;
  • Test & Measurement

Законодателство и околна среда

Ниво на чувствителност към влага:
MSL 1 - Unlimited
Страна на произход:
United States

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