MOLEX  104188-0110  Wire-To-Board Connector, 1 Contacts, Receptacle, Lite-Trap 104188 Series, Surface Mount, 1 Rows

MOLEX 104188-0110
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Преглед на продукта

The 104188-0110 is a 1-way 1-row Lite-Trap™ SMT Wire-to-board Connector with push-button latch. A stripped wire is inserted into the connector and pushes open a gate-style terminal that "traps" the wire. To unmate, a button-style lever on the housing top can be pushed down manually-eliminating the need for a separate tool-to allow the wire to be disengaged. This feature provides easy field assembly and removal by either trained or untrained operators. Other features of the Lite-Trap connector system include a housing design that accepts more insulation-length range than competitive designs. This provides more stable wire seating for electrical contact assurance. The dual-contact wire-trap clamp design provides further mating assurance.
  • Ensures easy wire extraction
  • Natural color
  • 9A Maximum current per contact
  • 300VAC (RMS)/DC Maximum voltage

Информация за продукта

Pitch Spacing:
No. of Contacts:
Product Range:
Lite-Trap 104188 Series
Contact Termination Type:
Surface Mount
No. of Rows:
Contact Plating:
Tin Plated Contacts
Contact Material:
To Be Advised

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  • Consumer Electronics;
  • Industrial;
  • Automation & Process Control;
  • Lighting

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