MT9234SMI-92.R1-SP - 

V.92 Serial Data, V.34 Fax Embedded Analogue Modem


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Complete Data/Fax Modem Solution Including the Controller, Data Pump and DAA
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MT9234SMI-92.R1-SP is an V.92 serial data V.34 Fax embedded analogue SocketModem, it operates at 5V. The Multi-Tech SocketModem embedded modem creates communication ready devices by integrating data/fax modem functionality into a single, Universal Socket design. The SocketModem embedded modem utilises a space efficient (1" × 2.5") design that allows OEMs to integrate a wide range of modem functions and speeds into any product platform. The complete ready to integrate modem dramatically reduces development time and costs for system designers. The SocketModem embedded modem complies with telecom requirements globally and can be shipped worldwide.
  • Complete data/fax modem solution, including the controller, data pump and DAA
  • Space efficient Universal Socket connectivity
  • Telecom approved in more than 50 countries
  • High speed models backward compatible with lower speeds
  • V.44 and V.42bis data compression
  • V.42 error correction
  • Intelligent DAA technology detects line status
  • 10 or 11bit mode
  • Serial or parallel interfaces


Consumer Electronics, Portable Devices, Security, Multimedia, Industrial, Medical

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