T11 211 2,5A - 

Thermal Circuit Breaker, T11 Series, 2.5 A, 1 Pole, 48 VDC, 240 VAC, Panel

T11 211 2,5A - Thermal Circuit Breaker, T11 Series, 2.5 A, 1 Pole, 48 VDC, 240 VAC, Panel

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T11 211 2,5A
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Продуктова гама
T11 Series
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Информация за продукта

T11 Series
1 Pole
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Преглед на продукта

The T11 series Circuit Breaker for equipment is a line of small, single pole push to reset, overload protective devices. The trip mechanism is of the superior latch type. A high contact force can be maintained until the unit trips. This prevents electrical noise due to contact bounce and reduces the risk of contact welding which may occur with spring type mechanism. The overload sensing is done with the aid of a thermal bimetal which has the advantage of being immune to high inrush currents and line transients. All T11-units are positively trip-free. The contacts will open and will remain open during an overload. Contacts cannot be held in the closed position and they will not close automatically even if the closing command is maintained. The T11 is specifically designed to protect equipment, wiring, transformers and sub-assemblies, such as printed circuit boards. For non-PCB mounting the T11 is connected to wiring with the popular quick connect terminals.
  • Threaded neck type
  • Snap-in type
  • Drop-in type with soldering pins for PCB mounting
  • Contact with extra thick silver plating for increased contact life
  • Shunt terminal
  • Additional position indication of the reset button by coloured ring
  • Variety of mounting styles
  • Compact and reliable design
  • Immunity to inrush currents and line transients
  • Positively trip-free


Power Management, Motor Drive & Control

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