MLEAWT-A1-R250-0004E5 - 

High Brightness LED, XLamp ML-E Series, Warm White, 120 °, 56.8 lm, 4000 K, 175 mA

CREE MLEAWT-A1-R250-0004E5

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XLamp ML-E Series
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Warm White
XLamp ML-E Series
Cut Tape
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The XLamp ML-E series LED brings lighting-class reliability and performance to 1/2-watt LEDs. The XLamp ML-E LED expands Cree's lighting-class leadership to LED bulbs, linear and distributed lighting applications. With XLamp LED lighting-class reliability, a wide viewing angle, uniform light output and industry-leading chromaticity binning in a 3.5 x 3.5mm package, the XLamp ML-E LED continues Cree's history of segment-focused product innovation in LEDs for lighting applications. The XLamp ML-E LED brings high performance and a smooth look to a wide range of lighting applications, including linear lighting, LED light bulbs, fluorescent retrofits and retail-display lighting.
  • Available in white (2600 to 8300K CCT) and 80-, 85- and 90-CRI minimum
  • Available in royal blue, blue, green, amber and red
  • Available in parallel and series Vf configurations for white and colour
  • ANSI compatible sub-bins
  • 350mA for parallel, 175mA for series, 250mA for royal blue Maximum drive current
  • 120° viewing angle for white, 125° viewing angle for colour
  • Uniform chromaticity profile
  • Electrically neutral thermal path
  • REACH compliant
  • UL recognized component (E349212)


Lighting, Industrial

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