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Development Board, Starter Trak, Power Architecture

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Power Architecture
Board, CodeWarrior DVD-ROM, CD, USB Cable, Warranty Card
Power Architecture
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The TRK-MPC5634M is a demonstration and development system for NXP's MPC5634M microcontrollers in 144LQFP packages. Application development is quick and easy using Embedded OSJTAG. An optional 14pin JTAG port is provided to allow the use of an external Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx interface such as P&E's USB Multilink or Cyclone MAX automated programmer. P&E's USB Multilink provides faster communication speeds and can be used to debug both the TRK-MPC5634M and the user's own targets.
  • Soldered MPC5634M LQFP144 device
  • Access to MCU pins with standard headers
  • USB to JTAG circuitry which allows host PC to communicate with the microcontroller through USB 2.0
  • On board virtual serial port
  • ON/OFF power switch with LED indicator
  • A 9V DC to 12V DC power supply input barrel connector
  • RESET push button and LED indicator with enable
  • RS232 interface with enable (DB9 and transceiver footprint only)
  • CAN interface with enable to high speed CAN transceiver with DB9 CAN connector
  • 2 LIN channels with enable sharing one LIN transceiver with two standard LIN connectors




TRK-MPC5634M Board, CodeWarrior Development Studio DVD-ROM, TRK-MPC5634M Resources CD, USB A-to-B Cable, NXP Warranty Card.

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