02 04 160 1101 - 

Connector, DIN41612, har-bus 64 Series, Backplane, 160 Contacts, Receptacle, 2.54 mm, Through Hole

HARTING 02 04 160 1101

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02 04 160 1101
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har-bus 64 Series
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Gold Plated Contacts
Through Hole
har-bus 64 Series
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Преглед на продукта

The 02 04 160 1101 is a 160-position 5-row female HAR-BUS® 64 VME64X Transition Connector System. Angled orientation, 2.54mm pitch, with flange, copper alloy contacts and solder termination. The design of HAR-BUS® 64 female connector allows mating of any combinations of the 5-row version without mechanical interference, thus making it possible for users to upgrade and maintain existing systems at lower costs. It is also possible to mate 5 row male connectors with 3 row female connectors. The feature of backward compatibility allows a gradual upgrade of existing Eurocard based systems without the additional cost of a complete system redesign. The HAR-BUS® 64 provides the opportunity to adapt the system economically without a complete redesign to new bus architecture.
  • PL 1 according to IEC 61076-4-113 500 mating cycles
  • Improved signal/ground ratio for reliable signal data transfer at rates up to 320MBps
  • Four preleading contacts to prevent glitches during insertion of new cards into backplane
  • PBT Insulation with UL94V-0 classification
  • Partially gold plated terminations with formed tips serve as contact area for rear transition boards



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