Test Leads & Test Probes

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Our vast selection of test probes and test leads includes oscilloscope, multimeter, and environmental probes, banana and crocodile test leads, and more

Points to consider when choosing test leads and test probes

Choosing test leads and probes appropriate to your application is essential to ensure safety, reliability and optimum results. Key considerations include:

Consider the application: Choose test leads for the application – whether it’s high voltage or low voltage, or frequency, resistance or current measurement, for example.

Compatibility: If purchased separately, are your test leads compatible with your measuring instrument?

Safety: Your leads’ safety rating should match or exceed your instrument’s.

Quality and durability: Look for leads with robust construction and resilient materials.

Test probe types are important: For example, alligator clips are ideal for hands-free testing while probe tips allow pinpoint accuracy.

Length: Choose leads long enough for convenience, without creating a safety hazard through excessive length.


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